About us

Zen Fuego: Enlightenment through awesomeness.

We started Zen Fuego because we love yoga, we love to sweat, we love living by the ocean and we love to laugh. Our favorite yoga classes have been full of smiles, laughter and open hearts, taught by amazing yogis who don't take themselves too seriously. We bring this energy and inspiration to our design studio in Ventura, California where we infuse whimsy, joy and flow into the design of our products. Our mission is to make products that create opportunities for self expression and good vibes for all.

We are eternally grateful to our yoga tribe - Rob Hess Yoga, Jai Rhythm, The Aerial Studio, Wade Yoga and Wesley Yoga, to name just a few - for getting us truly connected (and addicted) to the journey, the fire and the flow.

Have fun, it's just yoga.