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Limited Edition Artist Series - Caia Koopman "Heart Opener"

Limited Edition Artist Series - Caia Koopman "Heart Opener"


Open your heart through all means necessary. This surreal playful art will help keep you light-hearted in even the sweatiest of flows.

We are stoked to be collaborating with Caia Koopman again! She is preeminent pop surrealism artist who has been featured in prominent galleries from California to Canada and France. Koopman’s popularity stems from the dazzling, intricate dreamscapes that depict deeply-rooted subconscious themes flavored with contemporary culture. Feminine energy infused with power and daring is blended with delicate elegance.

Her work is layered and multi-faceted, experience it for yourself at caiakoopman.com

Our last collab with Caia sold out quickly so get yours today!

New heavier-weight microfiber! This microfiber towel gives you improved grip for sweaty yoga or a soft place for your Yin practice. We highly recommend spraying some water on it before practice for good grip - mainly just where your hands and feet go in down dog. More sweat, more grip! 72˝ x 24˝ super absorbent microfiber that fits your mat perfectly.